I shared a live video today showing the children playing and creating water pathways in our sand area.  I wanted to share a little back story to how that play evolved and why it was able to grow to the level it did.

One of the great benefits of being owner, director, and lead teacher is I get so make my policies.  One thing I don’t do and don’t care about is picking up and putting everything away at the end of the day. As a matter of fact I feel it is beneficial to the children to be able to come back the next day and be able to pick up where they left off. I’m also OLD,  have  very thick skin and  am not concerned about how our yard looks to outsiders. I know the the beauty that occurs inside our days and that is what I focus on. SO our “messes” stay until it’s mow day.

So, Monday, some children made this amazing green house with plants and worked all day. They came back Tuesday and worked on that even more and played house, played store, played played played.


In their play Tuesday they tried getting the hose to come down far enough to water their plants in the trays.  The hose was just a bit short and just didn’t reach.  I observed their play and and anticipated what they needed.  I went to the store that evening and got another hose then had it ready and waiting for them this morning.  They IMMEDIATELY began watering their plants.

Yesterday while some were at the “green house”  a few children dug a hole with hose and made a mud puddle snake pit.  (They tried to convince me that there were two REAL snakes  butI can’t fall for that nonsense LOL) These same boys went back to that hole this morning and began where they’d left off. Hours of interest yesterday that was so engaging they were right back at it this morning.

BUT yesterday they had the hose close to them and now the hose was down by the sand box.  So they moved and then what unfolded next was better than anything any adult could have planned.  Both groups plus some merged and the green house makers and the mud hole makers collided and began the water pathways.

Just the hose in a water squirter that led to …

adding pvc pipes, that led to …

an entire water works that lasted all day.

It ended as a splash pad and the joy of puddle splashing was the ending to their play.  One of the “green house” builders said to me unprompted and on his own accord, “Miss D’Lynn thank you so much for getting that hose”.

I turned the water off at 3:00 but the hose is still there. I can’t wait to see what they do tomorrow.


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  1. There isn’t a day we don’t use water in our playground. Mostly in the mud kitchen area.

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