It’s never too early to begin making plans for your child’s educational path. Acres of Play is a unique program that has a very limited amount of spots for preschool children. Typically preschools enroll 12-25 children in 4 year old classes. Kindergarten classrooms have 18-30 children in a class. It was important to the design of Acres of Play to keep the teacher/student ratio small for several reasons. Children are more engaged in group learning when the group is smaller. If the “pack” starts out small they easily become one unit. A smaller group also allows for more spontaneous learning experiences. It is very easy and safer for a small group to head outside to hunt for bugs in the woods. A small group for early learners will also give more one on one interaction for the teacher and students. Small children thrive with teachers who can truly listen to their needs and have the ability to provide what is needed.

If it is important to you to provide your child with an engaging, explorative, and developmentally appropriate learning environment that excels in play based learning Acres of Play is the preschool experience you’re looking for. If you want your child’s first school experience to be the best available you will want to enroll early.

You may enroll your 2 year old for the 2022/2023 school year or your 3 year old for the 2021/2022 school year. Enrolling now ensures that you have a guaranteed spot in the program for your child.

Visit our Enrollment Page for more information on how to enroll. We look forward to seeing you.

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